Making the most of your conference presentation – get it published

I’ve had a chapter published in the impressively titled TESOL Arabia publication, ‘Developing Oral Skills in English: Theory, Research and Pedagogy’. In a way, this is a nice addendum to my presenting at a conference series, as the chapter was actually a write up of research I did for a conference presentation, a great example of getting as much out of your hard work as you possibly can. In my chapter, entitled ‘What constitutes effective oral exam practice?’, I explored how learners practice the assessment format for speaking at my school, what kinds of practice they are exposed to and discussed their perceptions of how these activities did or did not benefit them in their exam performance.
Developing oral skills
With findings drawn from responses given by students attending the Sabancı University School of languages English program, I also presented my findings at the IATEFL testing and assessment conference in Cyprus last October, meaning I managed to get a conference presentation and a book chapter out of one piece of research. The book looks to contain some interesting research (I only received my copy today) as it also focuses on contemporary themes in the development of oral skills, and has been divided into sections related to oral communication anxiety, critical issues in oral skills, developing oral skills and the assessment of oral skills.

If you’re giving a session at a conference, think carefully about how you can get the most out of your work by getting it published too. OK, self congratulatory post over, I’ll be back to normal business soon.

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