My twitter challenge: Ten people I follow on twitter and why

This post introduces ten people I follow on twitter.

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Time for a challenge. In order to promote a bit of a ELT mutual appreciation, I’ve listed ten of the tweeters whose tweets I love to read. What I’d like you to do now is exactly the same: wade through the people you follow, pick out ten and tell us why you follow them.

Please note that I’ve left out a number of TEFL heavyweights so that you all have someone to write about. Also, for those of you who follow a gazillion people, I encourage the use of an ‘honourable mentions’ section.

1. @ozge

From my adopted hometown (is that a new oxymoron?) of Istanbul, Özge Karaoğlu is, according to her profile, a teacher / trainer, preschool team leader, coordinator of an EFL DVD project, e-moderator, content and educational coordinator of Minigon reader series and edtech addict. How anyone doing all that would also have time to tweet is beyond me, but that she does, often with links to really cool stuff, for the want of a better phrase (check out her blog, too).

2. @NergizK

From just down the (admittedly quite long) road from me in Bursa, Nergiz Kern is, according to her profile, an EFL teacher, photographer, Internet enthusiast, lifelong learner, Mac user, Second Life language teacher, MA EdTech and TESOL student. Again, that doesn’t seem to leave much time for tweeting, but her tweets, along with her blog, might yet one day tempt me into Second Life.

3. @DaveDodgson

From down the (Ok, really, really long) road from me in Ankara, Dave Dodsgon is a teacher to young learners and an MA EdTech / TESOL student. His tweets and his blog are always interesting for any teacher in Turkey.

4. @englishraven

Alright, there’s no way I can connect by road to ‘near the beach, Australia’, which is why I’m delighted to be able to follow Jason Renshaw on twitter. English teacher, writer, online TOEFL tutor and webmaster (, as well as author of Boost!, I often wonder when the man has the time to sleep.

5. @SeanBanville

While there’s no way on earth I’d like to travel by road (is this starting to wear thin?) to the UAE, I love pretty much everything that Sean Banville tweets. His profile highlights how he makes free online materials for studying English, his sites include,, and Sean’s tweets are an essential for any ELT professional.

6. @thornburyscott

Scott Thornbury resides, exotically, in Barcelona and New York. Although you’d have to be living under a rock not to know who he is, you might like to know that his profile notes that he writes books about language teaching and teaches on an online MA for the New School, NY. He’s also into food, both the cooking and the eating thereof. Scott’s also the only one on my list who occasionally indulges in the ‘I’m eating a boiled egg in hotel ‘X’’ type of tweets, but I’m willing to forgive him.

7. @kalinagoenglish

Residing in Stuttgart, her profile merely states that Karenne Sylvester is merely an EFL, ESP, IT teacher, EdTech teacher-trainer, edu-blogger, materials writer, co-author: Working with Films, webmaster & juggler of too many frogs. This doesn’t do her justice: Karenne is awesome. Go and visit her blog immediately.

8. @harrisonmike

Mike Harrison lives in London, and is a teacher of ESOL; lover of Spanish film; gravity-prone at capoeira; currently teaching in SE London. I simply love Mike’s twitter etiquette, i.e. he retweets me a lot!

9. @burcuakyol

Burcu Akyol is a teacher, teacher trainer, ISTEK Schools foreign languages coordinator and blogger. Unofficially, she is also the Goddess of TEFL in Turkey. Like Karenne, I’ve only met her once, briefly, at IATEFL Harrogate last year.

10. @Larryferlazzo

Larry Ferlazzo, from Sacramento, CA, is an inner-city high school teacher (ESL & Mainstream) and perhaps the biggest web head on the planet. How does he do it? I also like the fact that he looks like Cypher from The Matrix.

Honourable mentions go to @turklishtefl, who really does live just down the road from me and is one of my favourite bloggers, @VizTopTips who disperses absolutely the best useless advice you could ever hope to find, all the folks at the @consultantse, and finally the 500-odd people I’ve offended by following but not mentioning here.

Now, tell me who you follow… and why

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27 thoughts on “My twitter challenge: Ten people I follow on twitter and why

    1. You’re more than welcome, Mike. I think I’ve left out a sufficient number of great ELT tweeters, so much so that I will take this opportunity to apologise again to those who didn’t make the list.

  1. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for putting me on your list! At number 3 as well ;)

    This is a great idea & one I’ve added to my blogging ‘to do’ list. Hard to limit it to ten though – I’ll probably spend until I post it (and afterwards) worrying about the ones I didn’t mention!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention here, Adam, and the feeling is very much mutual. I love this blog of yours!

    And the simple answer to your query about how I manage to sleep… Easy answer is: I usually don’t!

    Keep on rolling – you’re doing great things.

    - J

  3. Thanks, Jason. As I’m sure you know, a few kind words from a fellow professional are worth their weight in gold. I’d just like to reciprocate the keep on rolling!

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