My Edublogs awards nominees

This is a post showcasing my edublog awards nominees.

Another year, another EduBlogs awards nomination post. Having said that, I’ve never actually written one of these before, so I should really have said that I’m very pleased to be doing this for the first time. Here then, I my nominations for 2010:

Best individual blog

TEFLTastic with Alex Case

Alex Case is the unstoppable force of TEFL blogging. Where others fear to tread, Alex rams home. What I love is that you never quite know what you’re going to get next, although you can rely on it being thought provoking and utterly compelling.

Best individual tweeter


The mighty, Cypher-like Larry Ferlazzo is the tweeter that all of us should follow. I’ve never taken the time to count how many tweets he delivers daily, but I bet it’s more than what we would consider healthy. The tweeter to follow!

Best new blog

Box of chocolates

This is not just because Cecilia Coelho is a super cool tweeter, and nor is it because she took up my twitter challenge… Ok, it is mainly because she is super cool and took up my twitter challenge. However, her blog is a constant joy to read and I want to do everything I can to encourage her to keep it up. Cecilia rocks.

Best resource sharing blog

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

Larry again! Larry was recently a part of my ten tweeters you follow challenge for a very good reason, his tweets lead you to the unbelievably wide range of resources he shares via his blog.

Most influential blog post

A new English Raven challenge: Show us your blog’s hidden gems

Jason Renshaw blogs regularly and to fabulous effect. Whether you’re a newly qualified TEFLer or a crusty old pro like me, you’ll find a wealthy of ideas at Jason’s blog. The reason I chose this post was that it gave so many of us a bloody good excuse to promote those posts that we were very proud of writing but didn’t get the attention that we wanted.

Best teacher blog

Kalinago English

Karenne Sylvester keeps coming up with interesting stuff to blog about and I just don’t know where she gets the constant flow of inspiration from. Every few days a post appears that I feel is instantly applicable in some way to my teaching context. Given the hugely different contexts in which we teach, her broad appeal, not just to me but to a worldwide audience, is remarkable.

Lifetime achievement

Scott Thornbury

This was absolutely the easiest category for me to make a nomination for. Scott Thornbury doesn’t need to blog, he really doesn’t. Nevertheless, blog he does. What makes his contribution to the blogosphere so great is that he so actively engages with everyone who leaves a comment on his posts, thus generating a real community spirit and feeling of being valued for your contribution. This man is awesome.

Why don’t you nominate who you want to win an edublog award? Get a bit of a shift on, though, as you only have a couple of days left.

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