This is how I download video clips to my laptop

This is a post describing how I use the CLIPTA plug-in for Firefox to enable me to download all the great clips I find on YouTube.

It’s the 21st century and the days of ‘Follow Me‘ are, fortunately I’d have to say, a century behind us. For those who’ve never encountered this 1970s BBC English course, here’s a clip.

I should warn you in advance, there are some fairly incredible fashions on display here.

How life has changed. Anyway, back to the point of this post. So, I’m looking for a short video to introduce the next unit I’m going to teach in our coursebook. Typically, I might start by searching YouTube.

Let’s imagine I’m looking for a clip to help me introduce the subject of black holes. For some of you that might sound like a pretty heavy subject to have to teach, but there you go!

Now, I’m of course tempted by Soundgarden’s grunge classic ‘Black Hole Sun‘, but I’m in a diligent mood and I manage to stick to the task at hand. From the list available, this one catches my eye.

I notice it’s 18 minutes long. I’m concerned that something might happen to the internet connection while I’m playing it in class. What can I do? Let’s look at my Firefox browser again. Look at the CLIPTA toolbar. Notice that it now says ‘1 videos (sic) captured’.

So, what does that mean? My next step is to click on the ‘1 videos (sic) captured’ button. This is what I see next.

By clicking on the download button, I can make a copy for my laptop. It’s that simple.


1. Where can I find this?

The latest version is freely downloadable here.

2. Can I use it with Internet Explorer?

No, it seems to be exclusive to the FireFox browser.

3. Is it difficult to install?

You should be able to install it in less than a minute. Ask one of the presenters of the session to help you if you’re having trouble.

4. Can I download more than one video clip?

You can download as many as you can find. There’s no limit.

5. Does it work with mp3s?

Go to and try it out!

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12 thoughts on “This is how I download video clips to my laptop

    1. I generally feel the same about toolbars cluttering up my browser, but I put up with this one as it’s useful and just about always works. I pretty much use this every single day. Thanks for dropping by, Tyson, great to have your input as usual.

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