Holiday… celebrate!

Holiday post!

Well, I’m on holiday and will be taking a break from blogging / tweeting / anything to do with a computer. Thanks to everyone who’s visited the blog recently and to all those who’ve taken the time to leave comments. You make this all worth while. Hopefully I’ll be having a better time than this chap…

Most of you probably have an image of Turkey as being a sun-drenched Mediterranean nation. Would you be surprised to learn that the picture below was taken only four hours’ drive from Istanbul?

Find more like this at ELT Pics


I’m heading there again this week, so I won’t be bothering you as much here or on Twitter as normal. For those of you who miss me, a guest piece of mine will appear on Vicki Hollett’s marvelous Learning to speak ‘merican blog in the next few days. Click on the pic below to visit…

Vicki Hollett’s excellent blog

Back soon. Have a good one.

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