Lies, damn lies and new classes

You might well have tried the ’5 things about me’ activity, where you list a series of facts and the students have to guess which are true and which are false. Fellow English teacher in Turkey Dave Dodgson has this to say about this activity:

It’s not just a ‘getting to know you activity’ though – it’s also a great way for students who have been in the same class for a long time to find out things they didn’t already know about each other and I’m also planning to bring it up with my 5th grade groups, even though they have been together in the same class since 1st grade and I was their teacher last year.

Dave has now set this up as a blog challenge, one to which many have already responded. Here’s my list. Can you guess which are true?

Ok, this is just a brief interlude in what looks like being a marathon quest to become a better teacher. So, anyone looking for a serious blog challenge? Start here.

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11 thoughts on “Lies, damn lies and new classes

  1. Hey Adam,

    I have a few questions for you : :)

    Silicone implants eh? Cosmetic or medical?

    Never been to London? Not even passing through Heathrow on visits back to the UK?

    When and where did you get your tattoos done? Have you ever tried to find tou what the symbols mean?

    Another when and where for Charles Bronson’s cat – and what made it seem so mean?

    Do you still have your Blue Peter badge? Were you mentioned on TV?

    I’ll speculate a bit more after some further answers… ;)

  2. Nice interrogation!

    Sorry about #5 Tyson, it’s very culturally specific to people who grew up in the UK. The implant, admittedly, was one of necessity rather than for cosmetic enhancement. You’d be surprised how many people have Chinese characters on their body which are completely random.

    All cats have the ability to look a bit mean Dave, so maybe I was reading too much into it… or was I? The London one does seem incredible, doesn’t it? I’d like to add that I’ve also never been to Wales or Ireland, either. RE: Blue Peter… they have a ‘second level’ honorable mention type of badge for nice ideas that don’t make it on the tv. I had the tattoo done in the States about fifteen years ago and just liked the design… spur of the moment decision.

    I’ll reveal all soon.

  3. Hi Adam

    I’ll have a go at guessing the two facts which aren’t true!

    I don’t think you have a silicon implant and a tattoo with Chinese writing on it! The Charles Bronson cat example, although unusual, might possibly be true :-)

    1. Nice try! I’ll probably reveal all tomorrow.

      I’ve travelled to many countries and even spent some time in the Beverly Hills suburbs, so the cat one is a possibility.

      Statistically, about half the people with Chinese themed tattoos apparently don’t have what they think they have, so…

    1. It’s funny, but the Blue Peter badge was always one of those things that you heard about but never actually knew of anyone who had one… or did you?

      I can confirm the two-tier status of Blue Peter badgery – you get a ‘less-special’ one if they like your idea but don’t actually show it on the show.

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