11 from '11: The best of your posts from this year (blog challenge)

11 from 11: like it says on the tin.

Hi folks. I’m currently trying really hard not to write up my blog post about the recent Doğuş University ELT Conference. This in itself is strange, firstly because it was a great conference that I want to write about, secondly because I’m avoiding doing so by writing another blog post. More on my state of neurosis later.

This just seems like a great chance to reflect back on a year of blogging, with the hope that others will also do the same. Right then, down to business: some of you are trying hard to drum up support for your blog in the upcoming EduBlog awards. Good luck to you. The thing is, to get those votes you’re going to have to show people why you’re so wonderful. What better way to do that than by showcasing your eleven – go on, I’ll use the ‘B’ word – best posts of the year. What’s more, you can pretend you’re not blatantly canvassing for votes by making out that you’re just fulfilling a blog challenge set by one of your wonderful PLN. Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s the truth…

Here are my eleven from eleven. I’m really looking forward to reading yours, so please leave a comment with a link to your post.

1. 10 contemporary motivation theories and how they explain why your students just aren’t ‘into it’

I decided to do some research into why my students utterly hated being in my classes. Only joking, but writing this post was extremely enlightening and some of the behavior I’d often seen cropping up in class made more sense to me as a consequence. This remains my most visited blog post.

2. What goes into holding a conference and why you should be happy to pay for the privilege of attending

OK, I admit it: I was just trying to antagonize people with this post. It worked. Good ole Dave Dodgson wrote one of the posts of the year about why conference presenters shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of doing so. While I agreed with him in part I still feel that you’re paying for a whole event and if you are willing to present, then good on you. Some of the comments on this one are the closest I’ve got to hate mail, although in retrospect none of them are that bad. What’s more, I probably deserved a bit of stick for deliberately trying to stir things up.

3. How I developed an academic vocabulary syllabus

I’m part of the curriculum development group in my department and work bloody hard doing it, too. It seems strange on reflection that this aspect of my job has rarely come through in my blogging. This was a notable exception.

4. The ELT Conference: Our profession’s moral blind spot?

I’m in full grizzle mode on this one. Basically, I postulate that we’re willing to overlook the shiftiness of the organization hosting the conference as and when it suits us.

5. Why are you a demotivated teacher?

I’m in full grizzle mode again on this one. Do you suffer from idiotic boss syndrome? Do people elsewhere in your organization make crap decisions that act as motivation killers for those that it affects? If so, this post feels your pain.

6. Are You One of the TEFL Industry’s Useful Idiots?

Ahem, I’m in full grizzle mode again on this one. There are a bunch of buggers trying to screw up this profession for the rest of us. Fight the power, baby!

7. Are you likely to be eaten by a Grue? Interactive Fiction in the Language Classroom

I went to quite a few conferences this year and heard some truly awesome stuff. One of my favourite new ideas resulted in this post. Thankfully, the inspirer has just started his own blog on this.

8. The zombie apocalypse and its role in the ELT classroom

Just read the title of the blog post. I’m awesome.

9. Going Paperless: You’ve got to be kidding

This is one of those weird posts that received markedly different responses depending on where you looked. On twitter I was derided as a fool for my suggestions, albeit by tech-heads who found it impossible to believe that other humans could be in any way different to them. In the comments, I was met with ‘been there, done that’ responses from people who weren’t quite so far up their own arses. Did I just say that?

10. My teaching entire philosophy captured in one photo

This was a photo tribute to Headway. By tribute I mean…

11. A day in the life of an ELT conference presenter

I originally intended this blog to be a reflection of the daily goings on in my life as an English teacher. I have failed to do that pretty miserably most of the time, although this was one of my rare posts that managed to stick to that ethos.

Bring on your eleven

There you have it then. That’s lots of deep linking that should up my blog in my ongoing war with Google. How about you? What have you blogged about this year? Let the rest of us know by taking up this shamelessly self promoting blog challenge.


Here are the people who’ve taken up the challenge so far:

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Remember to leave a comment and link below if/when you choose your 11 so I can add them to the list.

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40 thoughts on “11 from '11: The best of your posts from this year (blog challenge)

  1. Love the reflection aspect and the fact that you so obviously connect it to award desperation! Haha. I’ll give it a go, but not until I take a read (or second read) through your 11.

  2. You’ve already given my blog more attention than it deserves this year, Tyson. Thanks for all of your comments and positivity; as I’m sure you know, it’s the kind words of others that keep most of us blogging.

    Marisa! After the two days of exam Hell I’ve just been through, I can imagine exactly how you feel.

    I hope everyone takes advantage of the opprtunity to showcase the best of what they’ve written this year.

    1. You get a ‘Year in the life of’ special award for being one of the best commenters on this post! Look forward to seeing the highligyhts of your blogging year.

  3. So it’s ‘A Year in the Life of a Blog’ challenge – cool!

    Even though I’m not blogging as often as I would like this days (ironically enough because I am researching reflective blogging at present!), it will be a good way to reflect on (almost) a year’s work.

  4. Dear Adam,

    I love it…very ironic..I have read all of these even though I never left you a comment.) Your posts are usually so spot on or cheeky!!!! Ok you are on but do I have 11!!!!! I am going to go and see.))


    1. Sometimes everything just aligns and you know you’re onto something special. Throw zombies into the mix on top of that and… well, what can I say :-) I’m currently working my way through your eleven.

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  6. I love that you call yourself “a childish idiot geeky nerd”. I hope you never change! So many great posts here, Adam. Thanks for sharing! I shared your challenge in our “Challenge Group” (adjusted slightly for our members who don’t have enough blog posts of their own to share). http://my.englishclub.com/group/challenge/forum/topics/11-from-11-the-best-blogs-challenge

    Here is my version (posts from my online learners) of 11 from ’11: http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/11-from-11-posts-from-the-writing-challenge-group
    Thanks for the reflection! It was a great exercise.

  7. Ok, I might get disqualified but I thought I’d let you know that I bastardised your idea by writing a long blog post of the 11 things I should have written about this year but didn’t, and then it turned into 22, so there you have it…

  8. I’m there a couple of times a week these days – LOVE it ;-) I first went almost 30 years ago – changed so much…besides they look after me so well there ;-)

    Cheers – take care..


  9. Thanks for the idea. Done! It sent me down a reflective path, reminding me of successes and challenges during the course of year. It made me realise how much has changed and what still needs to!

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