7 tips to help your learners speak English fluently

In today’s world it is important for people to be able to interact with others in English. Merely speaking English is not enough, though: being able to speak English correctly and fluently is essential. Speaking English with hesitation can lower your confidence while speaking English fluently can instill great confidence in the speakers.

1. Practice speaking everyday

Fluency in any language doesn’t come easily. ‘Practice speaking everyday’ is the golden rule to bring fluency in English. Practice speaking with your friends, relatives or even strangers even if you use short sentences or are unsure about the grammar. Do not be afraid to make mistakes as anyone who is learning new language will make mistakes. It is a part of learning. Friends or relatives will correct you. Be sure to only speak in English with those people who are learning English as well as those who already speak English fluently. This is a great way to learn as well as improve your mistakes.

2. Don’t give too much importance to grammar

This rule is only valid for speaking. But if you are taking exams then it is essential to have good grasp over grammar rules. If you want to speak English fluently then you must not pay too much attention to grammar rules. By doing this, you will only improve your grammar rules and will slow down and get confused while speaking.

Native English speakers aren’t so aware about the rules and yet obviously still speak English fluently. This is same with the native speakers of all languages. They just speak… and so should you.

Cheers!3. Do not translate

When you speak an English sentence, never try to translate it from your mother tongue. This will only slow you down and you will end up speaking incorrectly.

4. Speak slowly

Many learners often speak too fast without realizing that they are making mistakes. Speaking fluently doesn’t mean to speak fast. It means to speak English well and with ease. Once you start speaking slowly without making mistakes you will gain speed over time.

Speaking slowly will allow you to make less mistakes and the listener will understand you well.

5. Imitate

Try to imitate the native speakers of English. This will help you in gaining the correct accent. Observe the rhythm of the speech and the pronunciation.

6. Read aloud

Practice reading aloud everyday for 15 minutes.

7. Record your voice and listen

This is an important exercise which will help you in gaining confidence and pointing out mistakes. As you listen to your own voice you will become aware of your accent, the rhythm, the mistakes you make and the pace at which you speak. By repeating this exercise often you will be less likely to make mistakes and will be mindful about your accent and pace of your speech.

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