Ideas and resources for Halloween teaching

Halloween offers an enormous opportunity for teachers to use their creativity for teaching ideas with a Halloween theme. Reading projects, fun Halloween alphabets, colouring pages and story writing activities all provide teachers with inspiring ways to teach while celebrating the holiday. Here are some Choose activities that are designed for your classroom’s age level and curriculum goals.

Halloween Reading Worksheets

Halloween reading worksheets are often freely available from teacher sharing websites. Look in particular for reading worksheets that offer editing skills, spelling crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and riddle solving tasks. Halloween editing worksheets often require learners to read a Halloween-themed story and then test comprehension on the story. Although this may be similar to what you do with reading normally, the special theme will provide extra motivation.

A repentant devil
‘A repentant devil’ by @aClilToClimb on ELTPics

Halloween colouring pages

With young learners Halloween-themed coloring pages can be a valuable way to reinforce letter recognition and word recognition. We can assign Halloween coloring pages as extra enjoyable activities after reading tasks or handwriting practice are complete. We can then use the pages to decorate your classroom or the hallway for the holiday. Halloween coloring pages are downloadable and free on many teacher websites.

Halloween Story Pages

You can use printable Halloween story pages and get learners to finish a silly Halloween story. Printable Halloween story pages come with fill-in-the-blank Halloween vocabulary or Halloween stories that aren’t finished. Learners can finish the stories for homework or as a class during the lessons. Learners can write the finished product on the board or on post-it notes that can then be posted somewhere in the classroom for each other to read and enjoy.


  • ABC Teach has a huge range of freely downloadable young learner worksheets, quizzes, colouring pages, word searches, etc.
  • Super teacher worksheets have loads of resources available to members, although there are some free downloads, too.
  • Scholastic offers a ‘Halloween Pack’ of ideas and resources and stories.
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