Tech Trends in Higher Education

Tech is now commonplace in higher education as it is in everyday life. There are a number of trends that are becoming evident which we should be taking note of, however. Technology is more often than not used to compliment and/or facilitate already established learning objectives and curricula. This notwithstanding, the knowledge required to manage and use the technology means it is now an area of education that requires its own study. Here are three considerations…

1. In-class Tech

Tech is now frequently used in every imaginable subject in all major hubs for higher education, such as the best Arizona colleges. We can see computers, word processing systems and the Internet utilized all the time and in a variety of contexts. Learners conduct research online or through digital encyclopedias. They deliver Presentations with PowerPoint or other such software programs.

Our role?

We have to ensure that our learners have the knowledge to be able to use these tools and provide them with information on how to work with smart boards, presentation software and other tech tools.

2. Video and Audio Tech

Among the fastest-growing technology trends in schools these days is the use of software designed to produce video and audio content. The utilization of webcams, video and audio recording software is becoming extremely commonplace.

Our role?

Given that learners now take part in video and audio projects, as well as and share projects online, we need to train them – and ourselves – how to use such resources.

‘Headset’ by @carlaarena from ELTPics

3. Keyboard skills

Generation Y learners are characterized as much by any other factor as that of their desire to type things. Almost every tech gadget they use revolves around the keyboard, be it search engines to smart phones. There all require the good typing skills.

Our role?

Our contemporary higher education learners have been using tech and keyboards since their kindergarten days, but we should nevertheless not assume that they are equally happy writing in what we would consider the conventional ‘pen and paper’ way. Where possible, we should look for classroom situations where we can utilize their keyboard skills.

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