5 reasons to use Prezi in class

Prezi – and PowerPoint and other such slide show presentation software – offers an effective approach to both student work and classroom instruction.

By teaching learners to use such programs and allowing them produce and submit work completed with them, we are effectively preparing them for the world in which they will work as adults. Using Prezi, PowerPoint and slide shows to teach brings other benefits, too. Here are five obvious benefits to using such software in class:

1. Interaction and engagement

Prezi grabs and maintains learners’ attention through its ability to integrate video, graphics and music. Because contemporary learners are so technologically advanced, tools that involve technology such as slide shows enable us increase their involvement and interaction.

2. The ability to take advantage of up-to-the-minute media sources

The Internet provides current events coverage and the latest information on an enormous number of topics. Slide show tools allow you to incorporate text, video, audio and photos from the web easily, allowing us to share the most up to date information using media that engages learners.

3. Integration of Multiple Sources

Using Prezi we can integrate multiple sources in our classroom presentations. For instance, you easily can incorporate photos of student work, video clips from a field trip, related content from news sources or even the latest research into a single presentation.

Floralis Genérica
‘Floralis Genérica’ by @pysproblem81 from #ELTPics

4. Continued availability of instruction materials

Rather than handing absentee learners written notes of a lesson they missed, you can replay your lesson or presentation using Prezi. Absent students receive a fair approximation of the same instruction as those who are present, so they do not fall behind.

5. Fostering cooperation and collaboration

Teachers can share lessons and presentations simply using the Prezi website. Teachers can even share the workload of creating presentations by making them collaboratively. Furthermore, a learner seeing more than one teacher’s presentations is exposed to more than one approach or teaching style.


My good friend Hakan Şentürk has a fabulous series of blog posts looking at how to start using Prezi. Click here for part one of the series.

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