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3 cunning ways to make your handouts as eco-friendly as possible

My ‘tree huggin’ hippy crap’ post.

We didn’t get into this profession for the money or the jet set lifestyle. We care about the World, don’t we? That said, we still like to cut down trees and make them into handouts for our classes. These three tips are things that you can do to instantly cut down on your consumption of precious resources.

Watch the video first, and then read on if necessary…

1. Use a ‘green’ font

The principle behind this is that such a font sprays less ink on to the paper without the end product looking noticeably different. The ecofont website offers the delightfully named – and free – ecofont vera sans regular. If you’ve never added a new font to word, don’t panic: I wrote a blog post about how to do it!

2. Go ‘grey’

I’m not referring to my hair (see pic, right). Make your text grey instead of black. You can still read the text on a printout at 50% grey just as easily as hardcore black. Also, any photocopies of this come out just as clear as from a regular black original.

3. Double up

Put two pages of computer printout on to one. The text is still big enough to read and, sources reliably inform me, you’re only using half as much paper as you would normally.

Any more?

Do you have any more suggestions? Please leave them in the comments section below.

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